Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and spend (in charity) out of the (substance) whereof He has made you heirs. For, those of you who  believe and spend (in charity); for them is a great Reward.                 

 Al-Hadeed  57 : 7.




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Consider establishing or joining existing MCSS endowments.


You may join the common "Food and Shelter" endowment fund by contributing any amount or establish a new fund of your choice for a

specific purpose by initially contributing $5000. (Please send your contact information to and one of our board members will get back to you with details, InShaaAllah.)









Preventing Homelessness/Providing Shelter:

This has been the main goal of MCSS since its inception. When people unfortunately find themselves in desperate need to stay at home due to special circumstances such as loss of job or reduction of job hours, MCSS tries hard to provide temporary relief by paying their rent or utility bills for a month or two. It generally gives them some time and opportunity to find more or better work.






Educational Training/Employ-ability Assistance:

MCSS pays tuition or other fees for people who need some schooling for better employment or learning English as a second language or subsidy for on the job training, etc.

Funeral Assistance:

MCSS provides limited funeral assistance for the needy, such as donating a burial plot or partial payment towards the expenses of funeral homes.



Domestic abuse victims help:

MCSS covers immediate shelter needs of domestic abuse victims, such as paying for temporary motel room or shelter. MCSS also donates a small amount of money to two organizations that provide help to domestic abuse victims




Car Donation:

MCSS regularly accepts donations of cars in running condition that meet registration and inspection standards, and transfers titles to the needy who benefit tremendously from the donation of such transportation for employment or mobility.